YOU are excluded?

Don’t insult my intelligence.

Wendy, don’t be ridiculous. JK Rowling affirms homosexuals and their rights, and so do I, and so do all trans advocates. That is not even the topic of conversation.

JK Rowling has chosen gender-essentialism as her dogma, and that doesn’t help you nor hinder you, as you are cisgender and you’re not marginalized along this vector.

It’s just down-river marginalization.

YOU are excluded? Don’t insult my intelligence.

It is the Gays and Lesbians that didn’t let the B and the T on the lifeboats, that routinely left us out of the conversation for three-and-a-half decades. It was the privileged gays, like the folks of the Mattachine society, that were afraid of trans cooties and kept casting us aside.

YOU are excluded?

What do you think Sylvia Rivera was ranting about, in 1971?

You were excluded?

Who was left out of Michfest?

We had to redefine sexuality in order for it to even include homosexuality. We accomplished that (to some extent). But it doesn’t end there, because Gays are not the ONLY people in the rainbow. And other queers deserve to live, too.

Imposing? How dare you?

We are asking to be let in from the cold, just like we fought for gays and lesbians for the last six decades. And you’re selling us out to a transphobe. Because you’re already safely inside, by the fire, while we’re still out in the rain.

No one is excluding you, Wendy. It was trans women and non-binaries who got you to safety. It was drag queens and genderqueers who fought the hard battles who gave you marriage equality, who gave you Diversity & Inclusion in Human Resources departments, who gave you all the rights you now so nonchalantly would refuse us.

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