Trans People Have Always Existed

Transexual and transgender refer to the same condition

Wendy, it is you who doesn’t know LGBTQ history.

Transgender people have existed throughout history. Because of tight social norms, we were erased and ignored within white Western culture. However, Mexico traditions long recognized gender variants as Muxe, Hawaiian culture always recognized Mahus, Samoa has Fa’afafine, Japanese culture has always recognized ‘wakashus;’ most of the Middle-East has some form of recognition for the third gender. Iran, with its repressive policies against marriage equality, allows a man to marry a trans woman, as trans women have always been recognized as women there.

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld did extensive research into what he termed “sexual intermediaries” back in the 1920s. Sadly, the Nazis destroyed much of his research when they burned down the Berling Institute of Sexology.

The United States has always had a regressive and conservative culture about sex. That’s why people like Marsha P. Johnson were classed as either ‘drag queens’ or ‘transvestites.’ The term “transgender” had not become part of the culture. But that doesn’t mean trans people didn’t exist!

Gay people existed before the word “gay” existed. Gay people existed before Karl Maria Kertbeny coined the word “homosexual.”

We’ve always been here.

And I don’t know why you’re so damn angry at us.

This idea that you have, that we’re ‘trying to erase biological sex,’ is a mean lie. We’re not refuting biological sex. I’m very aware of my biological sex. My condition is a misalignment between my biological sex and my gender identity. The option people face is, do you class me based on my biological sex, or do you allow me my gender identity? And I plead, more than demand. I ask. I implore. Please class me according to my gender identity. That’s my personhood. That’s where I live, that’s who I am. When you class me based on the accident of my physiology, you demean me, you nullify me, you violate me. Because my biological sex, my anatomy, does a poor job at defining me. I do not fit it. A bioneurologist told me this: When the body and the brain argue, we trust the brain.

It’s sad that you’re so unwilling to allow for the fact that you might not know everything. You grew up in regressive times. Society has evolved, and we know more than we knew then. Please open your mind.

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