Thank you Breck;

I agree with a lot of what you write — and can understand and respect most of what I don’t agree with.

I really like how you present your points, btw. Wish there was more of this on the interwebs.

I do like the idea of trans-centered spaces. And they exist (such as transition support groups). And I understand the need for vagina-centered spaces. I’ve attended a few Red Tent events, for instance. I just don’t embrace that these should be exclusionary. I like to promote unity among women. Self-selection is good. Exclusion is not.

I understand your complaint about “cisgender.” However, the privileged rarely give up their centering voluntarily.

There IS cis-privilege. The very fact that we have to debate whether I can use a gym locker room, while a natal woman takes it for granted, proves that there is. Your whole narrative against chest-feeding and ‘front-hole' proves there is. Please consider to what extent you’re making these pronouncements out of entitlement.

Generally I think all of this requires a lot more conversation. So I appreciate your response, agreements and disagreements aside.

[NOTE: the phrase ‘trans women’ consists of two words. Modifier+noun. Same as ‘tall women,’ or ‘young women,’ or any other specific grouping of women.]

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