Response to Xandra

Sorry for the belated response.

I understand and empathize. I have my own set of preferences and biases when it comes to genitalia. I’m just inviting introspection and conversation, and self-honesty, as to those biases. And it’s ok if those biases don’t change, but it’s better (I think) if one can see them in the context of our unconscious biases — how we were brought up, what type of people surrounded us, what type of people we saw in the movies, etc. etc.

A lot of women and a lot of gay men have opinions about cut and uncut penises. And it usually has a LOT to do with one’s cultural immersion.

In the example I gave, the goldstar lesbian and myself enjoyed our time together, and we’re still friends two years later (three? I forget). The one thing I fell we could’ve done differently would be to have a conversation about expectations beforehand (very much worth doing with any new lover, anyway. (A good pre-sex talk includes STI status, turn-ons, turn-offs, trauma, type of sex they want right now, agreements/limits/boundaries (if polyamory, agreements with other lovers…), sexual expectations, and relationship expectations.)

But to your point (and central to my article), you ABSOLUTELY have the right to your genital preferences.


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