Response to Pakhi Jain

Gender dimorphic areas of the brain exist. They're not big, but they're noticeable. (I consulted a Stanford bioneurologist before speaking about this.)

One of the main challenges in TERF ideology is this deeply reactionary line of thinking, reacting to oppressions of the past. Yes, patriarchy has been horrible to cis women for millennia. (And trans women have suffered at the same hands, often to a greater degree.) But when approaching the topic of trans women, it is imperative to aim all of this anger towards men at the right target - and not target trans women with it.

Scientific data is scientific data.

The fact that some people use fractional scientific data to oppress, or to promote a political agenda, is not the fault of science. (Darwin was on the right track. Social darwinism is crap.)

I call bullshit on your assertion that you've been "waiting for someone to change your mind." Your mind is fully made up, and you're bristling for a fight.

The argument that trans women are women is not a biological one. It is a cultural one. We can segregate and classify humans by a number of attributes. A kind society will be driven by humane criteria. An oppressive society will be driven by authoritarian criteria. Classifying trans women as men KILLS us. Classifying trans women as women leads to positive results.

Something that I find really sad, in your argument is that you throw in my face the way patriarchy has used the notion of neurobiological dimorphism to oppress women - but you completely disregard how patriarchy has used gonadal and chromosomal dimorphism to oppress women. The same flaw in one exists in the other. Why would you be content to reduce your whole womanhood to the possession of a womb.

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