Response to “Just Stop This Madness”

The irony is that I agree with your main point. Embrace your child with all their ambiguities. Allow your child to find their footing. Don’t force gender stereotypes into the child.

What puzzles me is what you’d think I’d be against that.

There is this big misconception, that parents of gender non-conforming kids, trans advocates or gender therapists have some sort of obsessive desire to put kids on hormone regimes or have them undergo invasive procedures. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All of the supportive parents I’ve met (and I’ve met over a hundred) are prudent, research-driven, cautious and slow to act. The main traits I find among supportive parents are:

  • They listen to their child;
  • They believe their child;
  • They respect their child.

The pace is set by the child’s needs.

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor,

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