I make no assumptions about the contents of your soul.
I write in response to your words.

White people who are neither vile nor have bad intentions can nevertheless foment structural racism through thoughtless patterns of speech and action. Cisgender people with no vile intentions can nevertheless forward transphobia and discrimination. Privileged people are frequently unable to see their privilege, and carry an entitlement that permeates their thoughts, words and actions. I see this in you, and that's what I am reacting to.

You say that you don't support the assertion that I'm the same as a biological woman. In my previous response I wrote (and I quote), "You say that you oppose the assertion that biological sex doesn't matter. I've never made that assertion and I'm unaware of anyone who has." I am finding it tiresome to re-tread trodden ground with you. You are negating assertions that I am not making, and it is exhausting.

I am likewise exhausted by your glib tendency to discuss my lived experience as if it's an academic, intangible topic. I am exhausted by your seeming incessable need to prioritize your way of looking at the world over the simple survival of trans people.

You write "Yes, there are countries where trans people are abused, imprisoned, or discriminated against on a large scale. These also tend to be the countries where this happens to, say, homosexuals and women. They’re not the countries you and I live in."

You are wasting my time.

I have told you in my previous response that THIS country, the one I live in, is a country where trans women are being murdered with impunity. A country where employment discrimination towards trans women is rampant. I have suffered it myself and it nearly rendered me homeless. I have told you of violence against trans women. I have been beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted specifically because violent men objected to me being a trans woman. Why do you find this obsessive need to equivocate? To deflect? To minimize? It is offensive to me.

"Social studies" is not the same as behavioral sciences. Behavioral sciences is uhm... science.

I don't believe you have any animosity toward me. I also don't believe white supremacists necessarily have animosity towards Black people - they just consider them inferior. Just like you constantly find a need to convey to me that I am inferior.

I am done with this conversation. You are not looking for conciliation, you're looking to prove your higher rank and my lesser rank. You're seeking to prove that you're at the center and I belong in the fringes. I am not interested in your need to center yourself.

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor, EmpoweredTransWoman.com

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