Response to a Kendall:

I think it would be a lot more honest if you spoke about your own experience and your own preference. The attributes, opinions and preferences you so glibly assign to whole swaths of humans are just what YOU feel and think.

I have dated lesbians. Lesbians hit on me frequently. I know a gay man who is married to a trans man. The exclusionary world you have built for yourself is not a representation of all queerdom.

As to the rest, it's pretty much pointless to argue. You don't see trans women as women, so communication breaks down at that point. If I didn't believe lesbians exist, we wouldn't be able to have a conversation about sexuality.

That said, just for the hell of it, here are some of my thoughts.

A. You are absolutely under no obligation to consider anything. I imply no obligation. I make an invitation. You reject it. And the earth keeps revolving.

B. How would you know what a neo vagina feels like, tastes, smells like?

C. Your next charge is a ridiculous fairy tale. At no point did I say anything to imply that someone’s sexuality is "inherently prejudicial." Considering how much care I’ve put in to state the opposite, I can only assume your claim is disingenuous.

All our stances bear introspection. That’s how we continue to grow as humans. That’s how we don’t stagnate. That does not translate into any demand or condemnation.

Your last paragraph only makes any sense when you look at it from the framework that trans women are not women. Since I don’t share that view, your last paragraph is nonsensical to me. Much like my article is nonsensical to you.

And that’s fine. You can go on with your life and I can go on with mine. We don’t have to agree, and we don’t have to be friends. It’s a big planet.

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor,

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