I did, actually. I found it deeply troubling.

She kept positioning “trans people” on one side and “women” on another. It is very clear she does not consider trans women real women. In that, she is exclusionary. That is what the E in TERF stands for.

She demonized trans activists. She painted us as a violent fringe.

You write “if you want to be a woman — a real woman.” Can you understand how ugly this is? I don’t ‘want’ ’to be a woman, any more than I ‘want’ to be 5' 3" or I want to be left-handed. I AM these things.

I am a feminist. I am a mother, an abortion-rights activist. I’ve done volunteer work with victims of domestic abuse. I denounce any calls for strife of violence between cis women and trans women. The very first article I ever wrote on Medium was denouncing Andi Dier — the woman who yelled at Rose McGowan at an event. I stand for women, all women.

I denounce TERFs, the same way that I denounce homophobes, racists and any other kind of bigot.

TERF stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. It connots an ideology, a framework and a set of behaviors. It is not a statement about someone’s physicality or ethnic background. It is an indictment of their closed-minded, hurtful views. I’m sure racists don’t appreciate being called racist. People get saddled with these labels because of their actions.

She wrote a really long post. Most of it was deeply hurtful to me. Heavily exclusionary, minimizing of my experience and my personhood. I resented it.

If you agree with her, I would invite you to reflect on what you mean by saying “I’m on your side.”

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor, EmpoweredTransWoman.com

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