Hi Poison Ivy;

Thanks for chiming in. First of all, I want to indicate that a dialog around such things is welcome. I may not change your mind about McGowan, and you may not change mine, but I respect your views. I’m also just an individual and do not have the answers to everything, of course.

I am very passionate about this issue — I was very upset by the video of the incident. My opinions around this are pretty strong. But I should clarify that I have little investment in McGowan — my main focus was in what I consider egregious behavior by a trans gal (I’ve explained why in the story itself).

Prior to writing my story, I watched the whole RuPaul podcast (ugh) in order to get a glimpse of RMG’s views on trans folk. What I saw was a cisgender mainstream feminist who is sympathetic to trans woman but has little understanding and more than few misconceptions — but NOT a TERF. (I get my share of hatemail from TERFs on the regular, so I have a good comparison basis. ;-) )

A great reference for this is Julia Serano’s article.

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor, EmpoweredTransWoman.com

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