Hi Julia,

I’m sad that you found my piece disrespectful. I stand by my comparisons of gender-fueled bigotry to race-fueled bigotry. I believe these comparisons make important points about intersectionality.

Further, to discuss prejudices, I had to talk about… prejudices.

I don’t remember saying that my racist preconceptions about Asian people are ok. I don’t think it’s ok. I just say that they exist, and that I’m working through it.

I think the comparison of inclusion of trans folk in public spaces to school desegregation is an apt comparison. Yes, I’m aware Ruby is alive. I think the fact that Ms. Bridges is our contemporary brings all the more poignancy to the subject — school desegregation is recent. Very recent.

(Thanks for catching the typo btw)

My roommate (who happens to be black) and I (who happen to be trans) have frequent conversations about the similarity of oppression in different minorities.

When a trans woman looks similar enough to a cisgender (natal) woman, the expression is “passing.” This expression was the expression used to refer to light-skinned AfroAmericans who could “pass” for White.

There is no malicious motive in my comparison, and no effort to minimize the Black experience. I am using analogies to contextualize marginalization.

I am aware that many trans folk are POC. I interviewed many such folks for my Empowered Trans Woman Summit. The level of marginalization many of them have experienced is staggering. I’ve spent time talking to community leaders such as Bamby Salcedo and Carmarion Anderson, and I’ve made efforts to lift up their voices.

I am still hoping you can maybe re-read my piece and contextualize it not as a racist piece, but as an article that discusses race — along with other imbalances of power and agency in our society.

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor, EmpoweredTransWoman.com

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