Do you even know any transgender kids? Do you have any idea what they go through? “Snap, I’ll be transgender!” OMG what a clueless cartoon scenario.

I’ve heard moms tell me about finding their kid with scissors, about to cut off their genitalia. I’ve heard moms tell me about their five-year old child being suicidal. A five-year old.

For trans kids, it can be torture. The idea of starting elementary school and having to perform the wrong gender terrifies them and tortures them. The idea of puberty, of their body growing into the wrong gender, horrifies them. For a trans boy, the idea of growing breasts is a nightmare. For a trans girl, the idea of developing facial hair is hellish.

The parents are usually dragged into becoming trans allies by the skin of their teeth. They become trans allies after they’ve discarded many other options — after they finally resign themselves to the reality in front of them.

It eventually comes, as one parent told me, to “choosing between having a trans son, or a dead daughter.”

Any even then, many parents choose NOT to administer blockers, or hormones — reserving that choice for when the kid becomes an adult (which is usually devastating to the child).

These are heartbreaking stories. These are terrible decisions for parents to have to make. For you to trivialize them and reduce them into such a cartoon is cruel, ignorant and indecent.

Activist. Public speaker. Writer. Community Organizer. Mom. Creator & Host, Empowered Trans Woman Summit. Managing Editor,

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